Welcome to Breeze Through Math

My name is Brianne and I have been teaching for 20 years! I started my career as a middle school math and science teacher at a public school in North Carolina. After four years I moved to Puerto Rico for an international teaching experience. There I taught for an additional four years in grades 7-12 at a private school as the Head of Middle and High School Mathematics.

After 8 wonderful years of teaching, my husband and I welcomed our first child and I decided to stay at home with him. That's when Breeze Through Math was first formed. I opened my own at-home tutoring business and filled my schedule with students from various private schools in our area. I loved teaching one-on-one and creating material to help increase comprehension. When my husband and I learned that we were expecting twins, I knew I could not continue tutoring students and caring for our own growing brood, but I could not leave education behind.

I decided to pursue my true love of educational material creation and so Breeze Though Math changed formats. I began offering projects, worksheets, games and lesson plans online, initially in math. As my children grew, so did my business. We homeschool our four children and now I create educational material for all subjects. I author unique content for Teacher Pay Teachers as well as Teach Simple.